Canadian salmon farmers feed Canadian families.

Canadians want affordable, nutritious food that they can feed their families. They want to choose high-quality, Canadian products that contribute to the economy, and deliver on sustainability.

Government decisions to shut down 40 per cent of salmon farms in British Columbia have not only taken a toll on the communities supported by the sector, they have also significantly raised food prices and severely limited Canadians’ choice. Today, Canadians find their grocery stores stocked with salmon shipped in from other countries like Norway and Chile, with record high prices and an increased carbon footprint.

It is time for the Government of Canada to stop bowing to the misinformation campaigns of activists and support innovative, science-backed, sustainable Canadian salmon farming.

We need the Government of Canada to SAY YES:

SAY YES to food security for Canadian families.

SAY YES to affordable, nutritious food, raised by Canadian farmers for Canadians.

SAY YES to well-paying, year-round jobs in rural, coastal and Indigenous communities in Canada.

SAY YES to supporting the youngest food production workforce in Canada.

SAY YES to a strong blue economy for Canada.

SAY YES to economic reconciliation and opportunity for BC coastal First Nations.

SAY YES to one of the world’s most sustainable animal proteins.

SAY YES to a technology-forward sector that contributes over $1 Billion annually to the Canadian economy.

SAY YES to science-backed stewardship of farmed and wild salmon.




  • Canada is the world’s 4th largest producer of farm-raised salmon. And 97 per cent of salmon harvested in Canada is from modern, sustainable, science-backed, in-ocean salmon farms.
  • According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, aquaculture will need to supply 2/3 of the world’s seafood requirements by 2030. Without aquaculture, the world will face a seafood shortage of 50-80 million tonnes by 2030. Wild caught cannot – and should not be expected to – meet demand.
  • Our salmon farming and fish processing activities generated an estimated $3.6 billion in economic activity and full-time jobs for 14,500 Canadians earning an estimated $854 million in wages in 2018-19.
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada peer-reviewed science has found no correlation between salmon farming and the depletion of wild Pacific salmon. Climate change, pollution, and habitat loss are to blame – NOT aquaculture.

Salmon farming is essential to Canada’s Blue Economy


Ocean farm-raised salmon is a safe, secure, low-carbon footprint protein


Healthy nutrition that tastes great from farm to table



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