Why salmon farming matters to Canada and the world

Global population growth makes the need to find sustainable, nutritious food solutions an increasingly urgent challenge. Salmon farming in Canada’s oceans represents not only a current, viable source of protein for billions of people around the world, it has the potential to significantly grow in a sustainable manner, all possible through innovative approaches that preserve and protect the ocean’s fragile ecosystems.

Canada’s salmon farmers are committed to be the best, most sustainable farmers of salmon in the world. The environmental, economic, social, and nutritional benefits at home and abroad are clear as farm raised fish protein emerges as the future of sustainable seafood. Ocean farms are Canada’s competitive advantage, given the unmatched length of our coasts and the rapidly growing talent clusters of marine biologists and other scientists who are driving innovation in our work. At present, 97% of all salmon produced in Canada is farm raised salmon.

The way forward is simple: by supporting Canadian salmon farming, there will be long-term economic growth for many coastal, rural, and Indigenous communities, while also providing Canadians – and the world – with a sustainable and affordable food protein at a time when food security and climate-friendly production have never been more important.

Canada is poised to become a global leader in feeding the world and protecting our oceans.

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