No other kind of farming produces the same sustainable food benefits

At a time when the world is urgently seeking out climate-friendly, sustainable solutions to food production, salmon farming represents a rare opportunity as no other kind of farming is as low-carbon footprint and environmentally low-impact.

Through modern farming methods and new cutting-edge technologies, Canadian salmon farmers are a significant player in Canada's fight against climate change and are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Working together with stakeholders across science, government and the public, Canada's salmon farmers have defined sustainability goals for the salmon farming sector in seven key areas including fish health, climate change, ocean health, sustainable feed, food traceability, food security, and public reporting. Canada's salmon farmers are recognized as being the top sustainable food producers in North America and the world.

The techniques that salmon farmers in Canada use are both responsible and innovative - they are constantly researching and studying new ways to further reduce the already low environmental impact of salmon farming.

With these methods – advanced containment technologies, feeding systems, net cleaning and waste management, Canadian salmon farmers are constantly exploring solutions to be ever-more sustainable.

Finding real-world solutions will only become a more pressing issue in the years ahead, and Canada has the opportunity to set a remarkable example on the world stage with our salmon farming techniques. By working with nature and the communities that depend on its bounty, our salmon farmers can lead the charge towards a greener tomorrow today and for generations to come.