What other food tastes so good and is so good for you??

What other food tastes so good and is so good for you?

Canada’s Indigenous peoples have loved salmon for thousands of years. Salmon itself is an affordable and delicious food protein for anyone eating anywhere, at home or in restaurants. No wonder the Canada Food Guide labels salmon “a preferred protein source of healthy fats.”

When it comes to today’s meal choices, Canadians far prefer proteins and produce that is farmed in Canada. Our salmon farms follow strict guidelines that comply with the highest standards to ensure Canadians are receiving safe, high-quality products. The federal and provincial governments not only set the standards for food safety, they work closely with salmon farmers to ensure these standards are met.

Many Canadians understand the importance of nutrition and food quality in our daily lives. We’re becoming more aware of the relationship between food production and sustainability.

Canadian farm-raised salmon is easy to prepare and affordable with a strong and reliable supply in Canada, available fresh all year-round.

Who could ask for anything more – for less?

So, of course Canadians love salmon.